Anahi + MihkelArgentina + Estonia DIY island wedding

My own friends got married the most perfect way – everything was organised by the wedding guests! I was the photographer responsible for the bouquet as well as for the bride’s hair, everyone brought food and made decorations, were the DJs, went with the flow.
And the best part – it all came as a surprise for the bride and the groom who were just planning a small, laid-back pique-nique without a ceremony…

All in all, the perfect weekend for a perfect wedding ♥dsc_8293 dsc_8270 dsc_8272 dsc_8280 dsc_8304 dsc_8367 dsc_8428 dsc_8434 dsc_8438 dsc_8464 dsc_8492 dsc_8510 dsc_8515 dsc_8517 dsc_8526 dsc_8536 dsc_8547 dsc_8560 dsc_8565 dsc_8570 dsc_8579 dsc_8588 dsc_8655 dsc_8667 dsc_8669 dsc_8679 dsc_8685 dsc_8694 dsc_8715 dsc_8724 dsc_8732 dsc_8745 dsc_8762 dsc_8778 dsc_8798 dsc_8802 dsc_8807 dsc_8858 dsc_8864 dsc_8871 dsc_8880 dsc_8922 dsc_9008 dsc_9151 dsc_9170 dsc_9215 dsc_9292 dsc_9297 dsc_9321 dsc_9328 dsc_9332 dsc_9348 dsc_9389 dsc_9409 dsc_9434 dsc_9469 dsc_9517 dsc_9519_1 dsc_9531_1 dsc_9565 dsc_9570 dsc_9595 dsc_9598 dsc_9614