Anna + ReinoCouple-session-turned-engagement-session


That one evening we went to the mighty windy coastline with this lovely couple
and cackled maniacally while being just a tiny bit afraid for our lives
(and, well, Anna’s curls).

The sun gradually went down and by the end of the session, so did Reino on one knee – to propose to Anna. Both the future bride and I shouted “What are you doing?! WHAAAT?!” while laughing hysterically
and  I almost forgot to take photos. Yes. (Ha, that’s what SHE said.)

Seriously, it really is a part of my job to photograph surprise proposals. I’m not even kidding.
That’s how I spend my WORKING HOURS.
I could think of worse ways to live my life.

Thank you!

Also, thank you, Erle Taklai, for Anna’s make-up – and curls that, sadly,
did not make it to see the end of the day in their full glory.

“Hold her tight! OKAY, NOT THAT TIGHT!”