It took me a long time to realise that my portfolio is only one part of my style, my works, and my capacity.

The other, equally important part is me, personally.

So, here I am. Trying so hard to be minimal, but ending up being everything but. I believe in laughter, trust, sincerity, integrity, and feeling good. I believe in making every single client feel loved, content, at ease, liberated and better about themselves than the day before. And, as Savage Garden so eloquently put it, I believe in karma – what you give is what you get returned.

Having started out as an Italian-English-Estonian translator and editor, moving on to be a kindergarten teacher, a published author, and a photographer, I have somehow managed to entwine all of my past experiences into one big, beautiful mess of a mind in love with linguistic structures, constant learning, little joys and love itself.

With my clients I seek to start out as strangers but part as friends, be it either thanks to a quick portrait session or a full-blown wedding day.  This means I am not a mere bystander, but encouraging laughing together, sharing thoughts and views and talking about everything from worst to best. So far, this technique has had a solid 100% success rate.

In short – if you prefer a quiet, mechanical one-hour portrait session or a wedding photographer who keeps politely to the sidelines while you struggle with your nerve-wrecking excitement, I suggest you turn around now.

Here’s to capturing all your honest moments, to creating something awesome, and to enriching all of our lives!

Merilin ♥