Helena + Eno-Martin

I’ve always been the biggest fan of natural and unique moments,
but weddings usually follow a much too familiar pattern.
People dress up, gather someplace special, and go through a bunch of ceremonies and traditions
with a whole set of written and unwritten rules. And, for some reason, the bride and the groom tend to spend the morning apart when all they need is their closest one to calm their nerves and make the waiting lighter.
So when I arrive to meet the bride and the groom on their wedding day and they decide to start the day with a swim in the ice-cold sea, there’s this sizzling, happy tingle in my bones that says:
“Oh, yeah, it’s ON. This wedding is MINE.”
Everything that happened afterwards is just a reflection of those two people.
In short, it was as close to natural as a wedding with almost 200 people can be. I felt GOOD.

And as for the “first look”, it happened like this:

I don’t like to take up much time for the wedding portraits during the day – as much as I hate to say it, I think the weddings are not organised so I could take 3 hours’ worth of awesome photos of the bride and groom kissing. So we had a 15-minute shoot before the ceremony and a 15-minute shoot afterwards during the party. This way I don’t feel like hijacking the wedding day and they don’t have to miss out on the action.

Me and my faithful step-ladder with two worried wedding guests.

Please note: as the groom is a cardiologist, there was no artsy-fartsy-heart-symbol stuff going on, not even on the wedding cake.