Hugo, Otto, Liisa & Riidoand the rules on how to have a family session

Families are NOT my favourite things to take photos of.
Not because of the idea – I love the idea of capturing people in their happy places –
but because I have NO CONTROL.
And this is a very difficult concept to accept when you’d like to make art or something.

So, over the years I’ve learned to enjoy the process instead.
But there are some rules to the enjoyment.
First and foremost, take the camera away from your face and trust your muscle memory.
During family sessions, I spend so much time just being a part of the chaos that I tend to leave the photographing part solely to the camera and focus on the bigger picture.
As a result, some frames are blurry but I couldn’t care less.

Rule number two: don’t try to pose anyone, just shout out random ideas:
“Everybody on the bed, NOW!”

Rule number three: if someone gets hurt, don’t put the camera down politely, shoot that stuff.

Rule number four: just let the kids be and earn their trust, not the other way around.

Rule number five: instead of perfect family photos, aim for the one where both kids have fingers in their mouths.

Rule number six: don’t forget to take photos of the parents.

And rule number seven: always, ALWAYS let kids take photos of their parents.

It’s sweaty, muddy, teary and difficult but the rules makes it easier. For me, at least.
Oh, and laugh. A lot. There’s no point in trying to be professional when kids are putting cookies between their toes.