Kristel + Priit

Kristel and Priit asked me to be their wedding photographer long before I had even shot something other than a few portrait sessions. If that doesn’t say trust, I don’t know what does!
So much laughter, so many tears of joy and aching muscles from dancing through the day and night. Thank you!

Photography: Merilin Mandel / Dress: Iris Janvier  / Suit: JOOP!  / MUAH: Jenni Korjus /
Decorations: Egerta Mändmets ( / Officiant: Janek Pallase / Master of ceremonies: Andres Karu / Music: Marie Vaigla, Forest Kämp / DJ: Sigmar Muuga / Videography: Getter Kuusmaa, videographer’s assistant: Katrina Raiend / Catering: Carmen Catering / Venue:Lainela puhkeküla, Käsmu Meremuuseum